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A digital-first approach to kidney care – outside of the doctor’s office

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Assisted lifestyle and behaviour change to improve quality of life for people with chronic conditions

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Based on the latest medical and behavioural science

We believe no one should have to manage multiple chronic diseases
on their own

Oska for patients

Helping patients manage multiple chronic conditions with ease

We know how confusing and frightening it can be for people living with CKD. From understanding medical terminology to receiving advice from different specialists, there’s a lot of information to take in and absorb.

With Oska, these people will never be alone. Support is always just a tap away.

I’m really stressed about my health. This product will really help me to calm down and provide me with some structure on how I should change my lifestyle.
Making it much easier.”
Oska for doctors

Enabling doctors to deliver continuous care

We understand how difficult it is for doctors to care for people that have complex chronic conditions.

With Oska, doctors will be able to continually deliver comprehensive and efficient care to their patients, with support from our extensive network of medical experts and behavioural sciences.

I spend a lot of time educating patients about their diseases and the necessary life changes that come with them. However, once they leave my office, it is difficult to influence their behaviour and be available for questions.”
Dr. Müller, Bernkastel-Kues

The current system of CKD care does not give doctors the necessary tools to provide continuous care, or patients the support they need to help themselves.

Oska is building a novel, digital-first approach to kidney care

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Effective patient care

Oska allows doctors to be more efficient and effective during appointments.

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Support between visits

Oska offers support for health issues and supports the necessary adjustment of individual lifestyles.
In everyday life and always just a click away.

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Peace of mind

Oska's personalised digital program gives doctors peace of mind knowing their patients are supported between appointments.

Live a carefree life

Are you living with CKD?
We’re aiming to help people just like you

Change how you care for
multimorbid CKD patients

We help healthcare payers better care for their multimorbid CKD patients while reducing costs

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70% of all healthcare costs in the EU are currently spent on chronic diseases

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Healthcare spending increases significantly with the number of chronic conditions per patient

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CKD patients face among the highest share of multiple chronic diseases

Supporting patients in the right way has the potential to reduce the huge financial burden for healthcare systems and societies

An example from Germany

of the population
suffer from CKD


of public health insurance expenditures are associated with CKD 3-5 patients


of healthcare expenditure for CKD 3-4 patients are hospitalisation costs

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A team to fix kidney care

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Business strategy
Niklas Best
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Malte Waldeck
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Prof. Dr. Jüergen Wagner
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Health Coach
Cosima Wolf
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