How Oska works

Coaching via app

Oska helps people with chronic conditions to get the support they need to manage their conditions. Our team of medical experts and nutritionists is there to help with small steps towards long-lasting change.

Medical device
according to MDR

Medical device
according to MDR

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Based on international guidelines

Based on international guidelines

Professional, individual health advice. Easily in an app.

Health coaching via chat 
and video call

You can easily get in touch with your personal health advisor via video call or chat.

Small steps, long-term success

Via the app, your health advisor guides you step-by-step through your personal health plan and helping you to develop new healthy habits.

Learn from hundreds of medically tested articles

Oska offers hundreds of short, doctor-reviewed articles to help you learn more about your condition and support your health.

Track your health data

What you don't measure is hard to manage. Oska helps you track your vital signs and share them with your health advisor.

A plan tailored to you, based on the latest medical findings

We help you develop healthy habits in key health areas by taking into account your preferences and offering support where you need it most.

A unique approach


Empathy is the key to behaviour change

Oska's health advisors are medical professionals and nutritionists. They are there for you and provide you with personal and continuous support.


For people with several chronic conditions

Oska is based on nephrology guidelines for people with CKD and other chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.


With data to better results

Our coach software provides Oska's health advisors with a dynamic insight into the data and progress of the participants.


The latest behavioural science methods

Oska relies on evidence-based methods that lead to long-term health improvements rather than short-term results.

You can!